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Does Your Company Encourage Binge Working

Does Your Company Encourage Binge Working NBC recently reported on the tragic case of Mita Diran, the 24 year old copywriter who dropped dead toward the end of a debilitating 30-hour straight shift, just prior to Christmas shut-down. They also highlighted two other cases in the same year of employees dropping dead after similar cases of overworking, which is now being termed binge working. The first was Li Yuan from Olgivy and Mather in China and the second was Moritz Erhardt, aelendher ad writer from Bank of Americas Merrill Lynch office in London. Now, these are extreme cases but they are real, and they do at least highlight the perils of binge working. Even though most people may not suffer such extreme reactions to binge working, medical evidence shows that binge working has drastic health consequences. According to research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, these health compl aints include increased rates of heart disease, diabetes, fatigue and depression and they also found that sustained binge working correlated with reduced cognitive functioning in middle age and later life dementia.With us now living in an increasingly health and lifestyle conscious world, it seems that many employers are behind the times with 56 percent of UK employees working over 40 hours a week, and the U.S. average workweek being 46 hours according, to research presented in this infographic byOnline MBA.So, the odds are that unless your company has a detailed work-life balance management system, binge working is likely to be occurring in your business and you need to do something about it today because its not only slowly killing your staff, its killing your profits as productivity decreases by half after 8 hours work.In fact, its likely that your business could be encouraging binge working (knowingly or unknowingly) by creating a top down culture of working long hours where em ployees feel that the only way that they can be recognized and get ahead is by pulling all nighters and burning the candle at both ends.If success is characterized by presenteeism and not results and if objectives are not realistically attainable within a 40-hour week, you will be encouraging a binge working culture.So, what steps can you take to discourage binge working?1. Lead from the top. Senior executives need to set an example by communicating the importance of leaving work on time regularly, not doing year-round overtime, not working through lunch, and taking vacation allowanceand actually be seen doing the above themselves.2. Start tracking overtime hours. Do this to understand the extent of the binge working problem. Investigate areas of concern and introduce remedies such as hiring more staff, more efficient working practices, etc.3. Discourage lunch time working. How often do employees work through lunch or cut lunch breaks short? Encourage employees to take lunch and eat healthily. Its actually the bad diet that comes as a result of binge working, which was responsible for many of the health issues.4. Check objectives are attainable. Honestly review objectives and assure that they are attainable within a 40-hour working week for a competent employee.5. Be open to promoting part-time workers and job sharers. If youre not open to this, you give the impression that shorter working employees are second class citizens, further encouraging long working hours.6. Allow flexible working or telecommuting. Flexible working conditions are especially if employees work in different time zones or face a long commute, to ease the pressure on working longer hours.7. Encourage employees to work smarter rather than harder. Do this by rewarding employees who come up with new, more efficient ways of working.Good luck with creating a healthy working culture

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When Work Feels Chaotic, Take Back Your Power With Learning

When Work Feels Chaotic, Take Back Your Power With Learning When Work Feels Chaotic, Take Back Your Power With Learning The modern workplace can give even the most laid-back person a case of sensory overload. At any given time, emails arrive, notifications flash, devices buzz, coworkers chit-chat, and meeting reminders pop up. Its no wonder 70 percent of respondents to the Udemy In Depth 2018 Workplace Distraction Reportsaid theyre distracted.The steady stream of distractions is making people stressed, unmotivated, and frustrated. No mere annoyance, workplace distractions undermine confidence and performance, especially among younger employees.Workplace distraction has real consequences for employers, too. In addition to lost productivity, lower engagement, and lower retention, distractions interfere with the next generations preparedness for future leadership roles.Twenty-two percent of millennials and Gen. Z workers dont feel theyre able to reach their potential, and 34 percent s ay they like their jobs less as a result of distractions.Many millennials are already in management, but they havent necessarily received training on what it takes to be a great manager - i.e., soft skills like leadership, team-building, and giving constructive feedback. Our research found that 69 percent of millennials spend two hours or more looking at their phones for personal activities during the workday, which makes it that much harder for them to develop those critical leadership skills and stay tuned into their teams needs.Across all age groups, 59 percent of workers agree that personal use of technology is more distracting than work tools.Were all new to this balancing act, manically responding to pings, notifications, and interruptions while trying desperately to carve out time for deep, focused work. According to our research, 70 percent of workers think training could help them cope with distractions, but 66 percent have never spoken to a manager about it. It is possibl e, based on my experience, theyre afraid of looking like theyre having trouble doing their jobs or are less capable than their peers.Asking for learning and development opportunities should be viewed as a good thing a signal an employee wants to keep getting better at their job. At a time of continuous, disruptive workplace transformation, companies that attract and support avid upskillers will have a competitive edge. Besides, with a measurable gap between skills employees need and skills job candidates have, it makes a lot more sense to upskill the talent you already have than to get stuck in a costly cycle of constantly recruiting for new skills.Individuals can still grow and advance in their careers in uncertain times. Employers would be wise to support them along the way, lest those proactive upskillers take their talents to a different company, one that prioritizes learning and development.Never Stop LearningWhen people embrace lifelong learning, assimilating new skills isnt a source of fear or stress - its just another part of the career journey. Tech workers have long been accustomed to continuous upskilling as programming languages evolve and new software versions launch, but that cycle is accelerating. Staying current in a particular language or framework isnt enough for techies, and a narrow focus wont be enough for workers in other disciplines either.Learning shouldnt be limited to those hard skills, though. Even as automation and artificial intelligence expand their impact, soft skills - like communication, leadership, and team-building - wont be easily replicated by machines.The good news, even if you werent a fan of traditional schooling, is that learning can now happen on your schedule and on your terms. For example, affordable options exist for on-demand online courses you can take at your own pace, whenever, wherever, and however you choose. Explore Outside Your FunctionI also suggest people get curious and stretch in different directions, and that employers empower their workers to do so. People dont expect to stay in the same role indefinitely, and career paths arent linear anymore either. Being open to people moving between teams and functions lets employers accomplish two cost-saving measures at once retaining the institutional knowledge of longtime employees while leveraging their expertise to generate fresh, innovative ideas.Pursue a PassionAnother great way to hone your skills, old and new, is to apply them to something real, whether its publishing a blog, selling on Etsy, or creating a mobile app. Nonprofits always need volunteers to help with their websites, organize events, or attract new members.Having a side hustle or passion project is a great showcase for your soft skills, too, as you demonstrate your ability to initiate and follow through on projects, pitch your ideas, collaborate with others, and take ownership.Theres a quote I like that says, The best way to predict the future is to create it. This h as never been more true than today, when the world of work is moving and changing so fast. Instead of feeling like they cant think beyond the latest urgent email chain, people can take charge of their careers by embracing learning.Shelley Osborne is head of learning and development at Udemy.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Brace yourself for even more changes to your Gmail

Brace yurself for even more changes to your GmailBrace yourself for even more changes to your GmailJust recently, we were graced with changes to our Gmails when the G Suite team created ways for us to download schmelzglass, undo and redo actions, and even strikethrough words in the text of our messages. And on Jan. 29, Google announced yet another update to the email platform, this time on mobile.The Gmail mobile app is getting an overhaul to match Googles custom Material theme already, Gmail, Drive, Calendar and other Google web experiences have been updated to reflect Googles new branding as a family of products. The new Gmail redesign will be available to Android andiOS users.Aesthetically, the update means a lot more clarity, like on the web. In essence, there will be fewer red touches and more crisp whiteness as we check our emails every day.But beyond the overall look, Google is also adding cool new functions to make our mobile experience easier. Heres a preview of what their e ngineers have in store.Viewing attachmentsNow, on the web, theres no need to open an email and scroll to the attachment to open it. We can simply click on the attachment icon below a messages subject line in our general inbox to see whatever photo or document has been attached. But on mobile, weve had no such luck - until now. The latest update to Gmails mobile app makes it so that we can quickly view attachments- like photos- without opening or scrolling through the conversation, according to Google.Switching accountsMany of us have more than one Gmail account at this point, and it can be tedious to keep up with them all. But Google is here to help. The redesign includes a way to more easily switch between accounts, so youll be answering work emails seconds after responding to photos of your nieces third birthday party.WarningsWe all know there are a lot of bad actors out there. Thankfully, Google has started flagging phish-y messages for us on the web, and now itll do the saatkor n on mobile. Just look for a big red banner at the top of the email - that means danger.

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Top trends in Philadelphia Hiring

Top trends in Philadelphia HiringTop trends in Philadelphia HiringTop trends in Philadelphia HiringIntelligence dug into whos hiring and for what in Philadelphia these days. If youre recruiting in this area, youll want to know what we found.Philadelphias diverse economy is geared towards information and service-based industries. The area is a mecca for tourists due to its many historic attractions and is home to a number of post-secondary educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies. The biggest drivers of job growth are the Philadelphia metro areas professional and business services, healthcare, and leisure and hospitality industries. The area has created 60,700 new jobs over the past 12-months the unemployment rate was 5.7% in August 2016 which was 0.8 percentage points above the national rate of 4.9%.By August 2016, about 3.1 million workers were employed in the Philadelphia area, and the market accounts for 16% of all jobs posted on in the Middle Atlantic region. To give yo u some insight into what your recruiting competitors are up to, our Intelligence team analyzed data from the CEB TalentNeuron tool to identify which companies are posting the most jobs, and which jobs are most listed, and which jobs are most searched. Supporting Philadelphias diverse economy some of the positions most in-demand include truck drivers, registered nurses, and retail workersWhat are companies hiring for?Most Common Employment in PhiladelphiaRetail ausverkaufpersonsCashiersRegistered NursesFood Preparation and Serving WorkersCustomer Service RepresentativesMost In-Demand Jobs in PhiladelphiaTruck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-trailerRegistered NursesRetail SalespersonsRetail SupervisorsMarketing ManagersPhiladelphia Jobs41% of available Philadelphia area jobs are for Healthcare, Sales, and Technology workersOf all open healthcare positions, 42% of available Healthcare jobs are for NursesOf all open sales positions, 47% of available Sales jobs are for RetailOf all open techn ology positions, 30% of available Technology jobs are for Software DevelopersMost Common Philadelphia Jobs IncludeTruck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-trailer employed 22,100Annual wage $45,690Registered Nurses employed 66,800Annual wage $76,460Retail Salespersons employed 91,630Annual wage $26,820Retail Supervisors employed 18,990Annual wage $47,870What are job seekers looking for?Most viewed Philadelphia jobsSecretaries and Administrative AssistantsSales Representatives, Wholesale and ManufacturingCustomer Service RepresentativesMiscellaneous Business Operations Specialists (e.g., Project Managers, Contracts Administration, etc.)Miscellaneous Managers (e.g., General Managers, etc.)Top Philadelphia job searchesAdministrative AssistantPart TimeReceptionistCustomer ServiceSalesAccountingHuman ResourcesWarehouseMedical AssistantMarketingWant to know more about the top trends in Philadelphia hiring? Check out the Philadelphia Market Overview from Intelligence.Data finding are based on anal ysis of all available online jobs reported by the TalentNeuron tool and job seeking activity from more than 22 million unique visitors1.1comScore Media Metrix, 1Q 2016, 3-month average, (includes all US Mobile + PC traffic)

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Fatigue and Polycystic Overian Syndrome PCOS

Fatigue and Polycystic Overian Syndrome PCOSFatigue and Polycystic Overian Syndrome PCOSWomen often burn the candle at both ends and neglect themselves to meet the demands of work, family, and others. When women (or men) are overworked or not getting enough sleep at night, it should come as no surprise that they often feel lethargic and tired toward the end of the day. But when afternoon slump is more than just a feeling of being run down and tired, there may be another silent culprit to blame for women Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Although PCOS does not affect men, a similar condition called Metabolic Syndrome does affect both men and women. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) PCOS is the most common cause of infertility in women of child-bearing age, affecting as many as one in every 10 women of child-bearing age. The CDC reports as many as five million women in the United States have PCOS, and many do not know it. PCOS is a syndrome, not a disease. That means different w omen will have different symptoms and to varying degrees. Diagnosis requires a careful physical examination of the ovaries (usually done by ultrasound) and lab tests. A Serious Medical Disorder PCOS is a very serious medical condition that can lead to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even certain types of cancers. Women with PCOS run a high risk of developing Hashimotos thyreoiditis (an autoimmune disorder that causes low thyroid disease), and Celiac disease, and an increased risk of premature death. PCOS is most often best treated by a reproductive endocrinologist who can treat both complicated metabolic problems and issues that affect the menstrual cycle and fertility. Symptoms of PCOS Symptoms often associated with PCOS vary with individual women, but often include a high sex drive weight gain skin tags (acrochordons) changes in color or texture in patches of skin under the arms, neck, groin, or other areas (acanthosis nigricans) excess facial and body hair (h irsutism) loss of scalp hair (alopecia) adult acne and irregular menstrual cycle. Women with PCOS also experience a higher rate of miscarriage- four times higher than that of other women- and seem to have a higher rate of irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and thyroid problems. PCOS tends to run in families and statistically is most likely to be passed on by the fathers genes. Although many women with PCOS have problems with weight, not all do. Thin women and even women who have normal periods can still have PCOS. In fact, Kate Gosselin, mother of eight children, has PCOS. PCOS and Afternoon Fatigue Women who experience a profound and intense desire to sleep, severe muscle fatigue, nervousness (shaky or jittery), sweating, the shakes, headaches, changes in vision, or any combination of these symptoms may be suffering from hormonal imbalances that can cause rapid changes in blood sugar and insulin levels. These symptoms are not signs of normal slugg ishness but are often signs of insulin resistance, a common concern for women who have PCOS. When afternoon slump symptoms worsen or become severe enough that they decrease your ability to complete tasks, you may want to seek advice from a physician to rule out certain health problems, including PCOS. Women with PCOS have an increased risk of developing pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome, as well as full-blown type 2 diabetes. If you develop insulin resistance, your body will resist the normal action of insulin. To compensate, the body overproduces insulin to keep blood sugar levels in balance. Overproduction of insulin can cause fluctuations in blood sugar, moodiness, and periods of profound fatigue and hunger. If you suspect you may have insulin resistance, or that your afternoon fatigue is debilitating or getting worse- especially if you begin to gain weight- call your doctor and arrange for an appointment to talk about possible health problems that could be masking themselves as an afternoon slump. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your health. This article is not intended to be used as medical advice for the diagnosis or treatment of any condition.

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The best investment decision I have ever made

The best investment decision I have ever madeThe best investment decision I have ever madeWhen I got my business degree in 2011, I was ready to start my career.I wanted to start a business, earn money, and also invest. Those were my main priorities for the past seven years.I did all those things. You know what I found?Every decision you make in life is either an investment or a waste.Heres what I meanBrowsing social media for hours is a waste of your timeEating junk food is a waste of your healthHaving a job that makes you miserable is a waste of your energySimilarlyWorking out is an investment in your healthSpending time with people you care about is an investment in relationships and personal wellbeingReading, taking courses, watching informational videos, are investments in your educationThose last three things are all good. And investing in your education has the highest return on investment. Why?Ladders is now on SmartNewsDownload the SmartNews app and add the Ladders channel to read the latest career news and advice wherever you go.We live in a competence economy. Power lies in the hands of those who know how to solve dicke bretter bohren mssens that society needs an answer to.In a way, thats always been the case. In the hunter-gatherer days, the best hunters were the most successful people.Thats why we need to improve our skills if we want to survive, let alone be successful.And how do you get skills? By learning them - which is hard. Thats why I believe investing in your education is better than any monetary investment there is.But theres a problem with thatYou see, education, learning, knowledge - its all perishable. Not only do you lose it if you dont use it. But you also lose your knowledge if you dont improve it. You simply forget.Thats what I didnt get for most of my life. Education is leid something you accumulate and that will remain in your head forever.But now, I consider education like food, water, air, and exercise. You need a constant supp ly. Thats why I invest most of my time and money on my education.You also dont breathe once a year, right? So why do you only read one book a year? It doesnt make sense. Education is critical to your survival in the modern world.When education is applied, it produces incomeYou can lose everything youve gained in life. Your money, job, clients, reputation, house, car, and even the people you love.The only possession you will never lose? You guessed it Knowledge (if you keep investing in it).If you learn how to build a business, you will always be able to make money.If you have a skill that people depend on, you will never be out of a job.Theres only one condition You must apply the things you learn. Without application, knowledge is useless. Everyone knows that. Again, few apply it.The reason I invest so much time and money on educating myself is this Education is a survival strategy.Lets face it, we all hate uncertainty. And education is our safety net (dont get education and degree s mixed up. Its education that matters not degrees).Its not easy. In fact, learning, studying, getting degrees, and mastering skills are some of the hardest things in life.Going to school is hardReading two books a week is hardFollowing an online course in the evening after a long day is hardAnd thats exactly why most people dont do it.Thanks to the information revolution of the past decades, you have all the opportunity in the world to learn more.To me, its madness if youre not investing in your self-education every single day. I prioritize learning over everything in life. Im not just trying to make a point.When I have a little money, I buy books and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes. - ErasmusI really prioritize education over food, relationships, health, clothes, and the other things of life. You know why? If I dont, the other things are not as good.And its very simple. My goal is to read/learn/practice just 30 minutes a day.Thats not a lot to ask for, right? Because if you dont have 30 minutes to spend on your education what kind of life do you have?Education is important we know that by know. We just have to make it a priority.Nonetheless, as with many things in life, we dont do the things we know. Especially not in the long-term.Everyone can get started few persistThe way I see it there are only two options. You either learn or die. Within an instant, you can decide to invest in your education for the rest of your life.Abraham Maslow put it bestYou will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.Ive got my mind made up. Which one do you choose?This article first appeared on

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Life, Death, and Reference List for Resume

Life, Death, and Reference List for Resume Because you might be sending your reference sheet with your resume, its wise to use exactly the same font on both documents. If youve been asked for a certain number of references, it is a great concept to offer a couple more than requested. The range of names isnt as crucial as the caliber of the references. The range of references you should provide is dependent on your profession. If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Reference List for Resume The variety of references you list depends upon your career level. It is elend as intrusive and not as immediate. These templates allow you to create the reference lists more effectively caring for their visual formalities. To produce the reference list template formal, you have to take advantage of standard format for geschftsleben letter. All you wish to so is to follow whats written about the template and pretty soon you will be able to locate a good idea on how you can begin your own organization. Theres so much you could do with a Reference Template but there are a couple folks who dont comprehend the significance of selecting a template rather than creating a new one. You cant deliver the precise same reference list template to different organization for different job. Another reason why its not a great concept to put references in your resume is you can be identified as an older candidate. If a person pauses or seems to be uncomfortable at all, thank them and continue on to the upcoming possible reference. You want recent references from those who may not only vouch for your character, but the caliber of work which you do. Theres no correct or wrong approach to make your reference list. Availability of references might accelerate your job offer. Job references shouldnt be included on a resume. It is crucial to have a whole list of three or more professional references that may be submitted alongside your resume, or provided to job i nterviewers upon request. Listing a person for a reference without permission could be damaging to your job application. Some individuals may just not wish to get bothered with phone calls. The men and women you include in the list needs to be relevant to the job which you are applying for. When youre asked for references, you may strategically pick the best people to represent what you would like highlighted for the opportunity, she states. To begin with, you may choose to file your professional references, and trust they wont call these people until necessary. Ruthless Reference List for Resume Strategies Exploited Second, you can ask to file your professional references at a subsequent step in the interview practice. Instead, make a distinct reference sheet it is possible to bring to your job interview. Or, have a look at our handy collection of cover letter tips Unless otherwise mentioned in the work post, place your references on another sheet. Free Download These reference sheets are the ideal sample for you to make your own comprehensive reference list. The reference list template will help to sketch the specific idea of the content of the reference which is to be places. Below youll discover a sample reference list. These sample reference lists will allow you to organize your reference info in the right format. Venne stresses the significance of informing your references they may be contacted. Just keep in mind that you should also be giving recommendations for others since reciprocation is important once youre networking. Ultimately, adding references poses a danger of the applicant. Select the best references for the particular job under consideration. If youre looking for work, then youll need references. For each new job opportunity, you should confirm your list of references is the appropriate fit. Its extremely important to list job references who have direct understanding of your previous job performance. Your reference s could make or break your odds of landing work, so make certain to decide on the best people to talk for your benefit. You cant incorporate every man or woman whos prepared to devote a great word for your job application. Often its simpler to reach someone on their mobile phone, but nevertheless, it might be difficult for that man to locate a quiet place to talk in case an employer calls their cell. A reference list template just might make all the difference in your life for a business person, and you will be pleased about that. Just make certain that you elect for an online small small business template which is best suited to your own circumstance. If you merely incorporate the statement References available upon request at the base of your resume and the individual has to track you down and receive the information from you so as to get in touch with your references, they may not feel that doing so is well worth the additional work. Ask each reference if theres any inform ation they dont want listedthis will help safeguard your contacts private info, Nolan states. Not only is that a frequent courtesy, but in addition it gives them time to get ready for a telephone call or email from the employer. As an indicator of skilled courtesy, receive their approval first. Meta descriptions enable you to influence the way your web pages are described and displayed in search success. Have a look at free resume examples on the net and you will observe that headings ought to be the exact same all throughout. These list templates make it simpler, quicker and simpler for you to bring all of your reference details to your undertaking Thus professional reference list templates have created the work far more convenient. The expert reference doesnt need to be a buddy or somebody you are friends with. Be sure to make personal relationship showing ways to make them grow. Get to understand your teacher and create a fantastic impression. Take into consideration your relationship with each individual. The Dos and Donts of Reference List for Resume It is critical to summarize the variety of years that youve been practicing your profession and include it in the resume. Following your interview, your references could be a fundamental component on whether you get a job offer from an organization. They are your personal evangeliststhey should know you very well and be able to speak about your qualifications for the job youre pursuing.